Save Energy at Home

How do you save energy at home?

Almost all of your appliances in your home use electricity. Electricity costs money and the more you use the bigger the bill. So how do you lower the amount of electricity you use in your home on an every day basis? You need to change your lifestyle and how and when you consume electricity.

Ensure you house is draft proof

Make sure that the energy you are paying for stays in the house and does not escape. Keep the heat in if it is cold and keep your house from overheating if it is hot. Easier said that done we know.

Make sure windows , sills, doorframes, are not letting heat escape. A well sealed home will keep the heat in during the winter months and the cool air circulating in summer. Also make sure that vents in the house are not covered by rugs or furniture so that the hot or cold air can circulate properly.

Heat loss can also occur in windows. To prevent this, use plastic window covers. Plastics are best material to insulate and keep the heat inside your home and energy not wasted.

Don’t neglect the moveable sections of windows and doors, think about using  weatherstripping. These are rubber materials that will seal the movable part from the non-moveable element. You can do this on garage doors or any exterior doors.

Curtains and Blinds

Make sure you choose  curtain or blinds that would cover the windows of your house entirely. You can keep the heat in and stay cozy in winter months and shield your house from the sun in the summer. You will be surprised how simple changes will alter your energy bills for the better.


Lower your thermostat while you are asleep or away on vacation. Just one centigrade lower means you have used 2% less energy. Don’t forget to turn the heating down if you are not there .

Doing the laundry and the dishes

By washing your clothes in cold water you use less heat which means less energy. Makes sense right? Heating water costs money because it consumes energy.  Also make sure the machine has a full load so you are maximizing your use of energy.

Dishwashers also use a lot of hot water and therefore energy. Just be selective as to you when you use it and make sure it is full.

The basement in your house

You can loose a lot of heat in your basement. There maybe leaks and areas that are drafty or damp. Make sure you seal all those areas up and save heat and energy . You may consider properly insulating your basement. It may cost money upfront but in the long run you will save money.

The Garage

Make sure you don’t keep any heating on in our garage full time. If you don’t you will waste a lot of energy and therefore money.


Your tv, ipad, phone, lights, anything that uses electricity uses a lot of it. Figure out how to use them less or at least turn the. off what you can, like lights when you are not in the room.

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