Solar Power- Helps The Environment

How does using solar energy fit into the energy picture and if we use it, how does it protect our environment?

Solar energy is a renewable energy source

The sun provides us with a source of renewable energy. What makes Sola Energy such a viable environmentally friendly source of energy as compared to fossil fuels, is that it is naturally occurring and there is a lot of it . It does cause pollution to the land, water or air and to existing fossil fuels that pollute our lands, water and air. It is 100% clean and a truely renewable source of energy.

Solar energy that is transformed into thermal (or heat) energy can be used in the following ways:

  • To cook, using solar cookers
  • To heat water for houses, office buildings or swimming pools
  • To heat closed spaces such as a greenhouse, a home or any type of building

Solar energy can be converted into electricity in the following way:

  • Photovoltaic devices or “solar cells” that transforms sunlight into electricity. These systems are frequently used in areas with no regular electrical supply. Devices that that can be powered by these solar cells include, street lights, road signs and  gadgets like watches and calculators.
  • Solar Power Plants are electricity generating plants that use thermal energy  from the suns radiation to super heat liquids that in will turn become steam and rotate the turbines of a generator to generate electricity.

How can solar power help save the environment?

  • Firstly by using solar power would help cut us to back on our dependence on fossil fuels.
  • This can save money and reduce the hydrocarbons and emissions in the air, which would provide us with cleaner air.
  • It would allow us to control global warming, which would mean, less acid rain, decrease air pollution and so many more things.

Probably the greatest benefit is reducing the levels of pollution. Reducing the amount of fossil fuels that are burnt and using solar power instead will in turn reduce the volume of pollution thta is produced. Electricity produced by solar power also in some rural areas decreases the dependence of the electricity grid and generators that run on petrol or diesel.

The Offsetting of greenhouse gases

Solar Cell (PV systems)are able to generate electricity with absolutely no carbon dioxide (CO2) emission. This  plays a significant role in reducing the overall greenhouse effect that we the planet faces. Studies show that approximately six tons of carbon emissions are offset through the use of a single Solar cell over a period of twenty five years.

The conservation of energy

We have begun to embrace the concept of conserving energy and the use of solar electricity through several conservations programs to help conserve power for urban areas, city lighting as well as commercial and industrial needs. While solar plants and other forms of decentralised solar generated energy is used to serve the basic power consumption needs in the majority of the developing areas.

Reducing  the use of dry cell batteries

Some developing countries around the world rely heavily on the use of small dry-cell batteries for various gadgets, like flashlights and radio’s. These batteries are primarily composed of lead acid and sometimes other materials that they can be very toxic to us. If the battery is improperly disposed off, they start to leak and  toxic chemical contents seep into the surroundings and contaminate the soil, water or air around it. Switching over to solar energy reduces the dependence on dry cells batteries reduces drastically and consequently all the negative issues associated with their disposal.

A low cost energy alternative

The use of solar power in your home drastically reduces our dependence on electricity or gas. If solar panels are placed on the roof of your home, they solar energy and store them away in batteries for later use.  Solar thermal energy can be used to hear the water in your home and offer substantial savings on those fronts. Solar cooking ovens uses the power of the sun to cook your meals and is very cost effective.

To conclude Solar Energy is a clean, free and abundant source of renewable energy which can help reduce our dependence on energy sources that are harmful to the environment. Sola Power can really help our environment and make it a cleaner planet.

Thanks to :

NRG Experthttps://www.nrgexpert.com/energy-market-research/solar-pv-report/

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