Saving the Planet Using Eco Friendly Products

Almost everyone is talking about going  green these days, as more and more of us start to really understand the actual importance of taking care of the environment that we live in. Although recycling may be a great start to your new green life, it still isn’t enough as so much as damage already been done. That’s why in addition to “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” we all need to make a real concerted effort to purchase eco friendly products and buy from manufacturers who adopt this responsible environmental approach.

In the past choosing eco friendly products often meant sacrificing choice or quality, but that certainly is not the case anymore. There is a huge amount of choice and a wide array of products to choose from.  You can buy the eco friendly version of pretty much any product these days, whether its for the kitchen, your car or your clothes.

In terms of cars such as the Toyota Prius and Honda Insight both reduce fuel usage and cut down on harmful emissions. This makes  a powerful and positive impact on the environment. Unfortunately they are expensive , making the barrier to entry impossible for many of us.  So what else can you do?

Thinking about what clothing we buy is is one area we can make a difference with. Most clothing is made from fabrics such as cotton that put a huge burden on the world’s water supply, as it takes a great deal of water to keep cotton fields properly irrigated. Also most cotton growers use pesticides and other harmful chemicals to protect their crops. These chemicals can then cause more damage by seeping into the soil or groundwater. Eco friendly clothing manufacturers on the other hand produce materials as hemp, bamboo, soy, and other sustainable textiles. These materials do not take the same toll on the Earth. They also have the added benefit of providing very much-needed agricultural jobs to people in the developing world.

Other eco friendly products that you can use in your every day life may include reusable bags, organic soaps and cleaning products, sandwich bags, paper towel and products of that nature that are not disposable but made of recycled materials. This is by no means a comprehensive list. There are so many more products you can choose that make an impact.

If you do your bit for the environment it will make a difference. If we do it together collectively it will make a huge an long lasting impact.

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